Lori Lytle, Inner Goddess Tarot

Lori Lytle, Inner Goddess Tarot

Inner Goddess Tarot helps people find clarity, joy and empowerment through authentic and ethical Tarot readings. Lori Lytle, the founder of Inner Goddess Tarot, is a skilled and compassionate Tarot reader who offers private, individual readings in person and by email. Her readings also provide fun and unique entertainment for small private parties, such as bridal showers and birthdays, and for large-scale fundraising and corporate events. In the near future, Inner Goddess Tarot will be launching a series of Tarot eBooks as well as Tarot-themed jewellery and Tarot deck bags.

Inner Goddess Tarot’s individual clients are people who are interested in Tarot as a tool for self-development and growth. They go to Inner Goddess Tarot for a reading when they are having trouble making a decision, or want to make changes in their lives but they just can’t see how best to do that on their own. Inner Goddess Tarot’s clients see Tarot not as a simple method of fortune telling, but as a way to look within themselves and to know their own hearts and minds better. Above all, clients come to Inner Goddess Tarot when they want someone to really listen to what they have to say, and to find out what advice a skilled reader can offer from the cards. Inner Goddess Tarot’s corporate clients are event planners who are looking for fresh, fun and interactive ways to entertain their guests, and managers who are seeking extraordinary services for employee appreciation events.



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